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Activations & Teachings from the White Rose

Workshops 25 & 26 th of June

Beloved sisters and brothers
we invite you to these magical work shops in Glastonbury. It is an invitation to open up for Pure Passion and Deep Love with activations and exercises to bring the light codes deeper into our bodies to fully ground our souls onto earth. We will receive activations and transmissions from the White Rose, overlighted by Mother Father God, Sisterhood and Brotherhood of the Rose and the White Rose Council. The White Rose is holding the highest frequency of purity, innocence and divine love.
Welcome Sisters & Brothers of the New Earth!
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25th of June - Return to your Divine I AM Presence
 at 10am - 1pm, avalon room, Glastonbury

25th of June - Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth - Teachings from the Sisterhood of the Rose
at 2-5 pm, avalon room, Glastonbury

26th of June - Warriors of the Heart - Awakening of the Sacred Masculine
AT 10am - 1 pm, avalon room, Glastonbury

Return to your Divine I AM Presence

25th of June 2019, Glastonbury

Welcome beloved, sisters & brothers to a day of Light encoded transmissions with Camilla Ma Ra and the White Rose. Opening to Pure Passion and Deep Love and Return to your Divine I AM Presence – Activations from the White Rose Teachings – a Path of Truth and Love.

Camilla Ma Ra is part of the Voices of the Light Tribe and "Return to Your Divine I AM Presence"-workshop is a fringe of the 4-day gathering to celebrate the New Earth and Summer Solstice in Glastonbury. Read more about the gathering HERE

This workshop - Return to Your Divine I AM Presence - will be as a guided journey deeper into our Soulembodiment and Divine I am Presence, into our heart of stillness, into our fundament of embodiment on earth and into the experience as one with All That Is.

We will receive activations – pure love and light from the White Rose and One Unified Heart. We will activate our beautiful soul presence – our inner light and our I am presence, and help you embody this light on earth. We will awaken our bodies, hearts, womb/haras and souls and the inherent wisdom within. This is the key to our pure passion, deepest trust, and self-love. Our body, womb/hara, heart & soul in connection and deep union is the key to open up to Soulful Union within.

We come together in Unity and Community

You will re-connect with your inner Divinity and strengthen this connection. This new frequencies, keys and codes we receive and with exercises from the White Rose teachings bring us deeper into our bodies to fully ground our souls into our physical bodies as enlightened women and men, with fully open wombs/haras and hearts, living from our I AM presence as the Sons and Daughters of God.

The teachings of the White Rose is all about soulembodiment and how to re-awaken and live from our I AM presence in the 7.th dimension of the New Earth.

To awaken and live from our Higher self is stepping into the new 5.th Dimension. When you awaken your I AM presence you can say that you are stepping into heaven. Then you start to bring this presence, this consciousness down and anchor on earth and this is the embodiment process. You are bringing heaven down to earth, you are manifesting heaven on earth. Then you are living from a 7.th or higher dimension and shift from your awakening journey to your enlightenment journey.

Most people in their awakening process are awakening into heaven. To actually live through this love frequency and consciousness is all about the embodiment of the I am presence to manifest this vibration on earth into the physical I am presence. THAT IS THE EMBODIMENT OF THE SOUL.

WHEN: Tuesday 25th of June at 10am - 1pm, Glastonbury


Pm for more details: contact@thewhiterose.se

Welcome Sisters & Brothers of the New Earth!

In Love ♥
Camilla & the White Rose

Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth
- Teachings from the Sisterhood of the Rose -  

25th of June, Glastonbury

Welcome sisters, brothers, becoming mothers, becoming fathers, doulas and midwifes to this sacred space with the White Rose – The New Children, Soulful Pregnancy & Sacred Birth.

We are all here to pave the way for the New Children.
We live in an intense time with the big changes of Gaia and all of humanity. We live in a time when "The New Children - are born. We are all here in different ways to help them. The old "usual" way of parenting, pregnancy and birth no longer works. The White Rose is here to help both children, parents and those who meet these children and parents in this transition.

The White Rose brings forth new teachings and wisdom to help these new souls - The New Children - to be born, to help and support the families in a new parenting, women and men on their journey into a sacred mother and fatherhood. We are here to help all parents into a soulful parenting, to learn new ways so that we can help these new souls bloom into their uniqueness and their unique soul gifts with which they are born. It is important that we give them a soul-filled start in life.

The new children who are born now come in a much higher vibration and have from the birth a more developed energy field than us. They are sensitive and need our help in keeping their field clean and in high vibration, so that lower vibrations do not affect their energy fields. The New Children are highly developed souls, and many of them have not embodied their soul earlier on earth.

A Soulful Pregnancy journey is a journey for the mother and father to get to know the soul of their child, to clear and cleanse the way for the new soul to be birthed through. A journey back to deep self-love to yourself, and to your beloved baby, the father/mother, and all life there is. You will open up for a deep transition into motherhood and fatherhood.

We know that all Mother have all knowing inside of her, and also how to give a natural sacred birth to the new soul. We also know that all Father have all knowing inside of him to support, love and protect this new soul, to support the mother during the whole pregnancy, and to be the "pillar of light" during the birth.

We – the White Rose - are just here to help her and him to remember this natural and loving way, to give birth to a new soul. Welcome to meet us in a sacred space to share our visions and wisdom of this new way of Soulful Pregnancy and Sacred Birth and The New Children.

WHEN: Tuesday 25th of June at 2-5 pm, Avalon Room, Glastonbury


For more information about Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström, the workshop and special offer follow this LINK

Welcome Sisters & Brothers of the New Earth!

In Love ♥
Camilla & the White Rose Light Tribe

For more information about the White Rose  send mail to contact@thewhiterose.se, camilla@thewhiterose.se

"Warriors of the Heart" - Awakening of the Sacred Masculine

26th of June Glastonbury

Welcome brother to take your seat in our circle and the Sacred space of The White Rose. 

Our circle is a space where you connect deeper with your soul. The time is for the sacred masculine to rise and the true brotherhood to be anchored on earth again. Right now new codes and templates is coming down to be activated and anchored. What this day is and what we will experience is an activation from The White Rose to the sacred masculine.

In this space we will journey deep into your heart and the heart of Mother Father God. The heart is the holder and manifestation of the infinite love of God. Here all of you can show and be embraced in love. Here we bring home and embrace all fragmented parts of us. So we can embody our soul and purpose. In the Now-moment you are already whole, you are a full manifestation of divine love.

We are called to embody the Warrior of the Heart. The sacred warrior. The true warrior of the Masculine. We come together in brotherhood, we open ourselves and re-connect from a deep core of truth and vulnerability. We are here to walk each other home, in co-creation and community. We walk and deepen our service.

You are the sacred warrior and you are now called to remember who you are.

The space is held and in co-creation with many luminous beings and the White Flame. We are guided and held in our circle by the Great Mother and the divine Feminine. Camilla Ma Ra embodies the divine mother energies. In her space we can surrender to trust and let our armour and masks drop so we can fully come home. She holds us in her womb space, and in this space she can hold and guide us to the deepest place of Creation. In her love we activate our souls remembering and souls purpose. She is here to share this gift with humanity. It is a divine experience to be in her space. She is an experienced space holder that has walked through her fire. She embodies the energies and gifts of her Higher self. She is a woman that lives in devotion to Mother Father God.

If you are called this will be a big experience on your path.

This day is a day of bringing the highest light in to our bodies and release what we are ready to release that is blocking your soul to fully anchor in your body and Mother Gaia. We are here to re-create a sacred space in brotherhood.

What you can expect from this day is;

- Raising your vibration and frequency
-  Receiving light encoded activations from the White Rose

- Harmonising your power centers, chakras and bodies so you can merge with pure consciousness.

- Opening of your sacred heart, your gateway to your soul and God

- Deeper connection and embodiment of your soul
- Opening deeper your vulnerability and surrender
- Deep Healing of your inner masculine and feminine within

- Remebering and understanding on several levels (Spiritual, emotional and mental) of the souls journey in human body, and our souls purpose and mission on earth.

- Deeper healing to the collective masculine and brotherhood.

WHEN: Wednesday 26th of June, 10am - 1 pm, Avalon Room, Glastonbury


Camilla Ma Ra & Adrian Brorman, the White Rose
Adrian is walking the path of The White Rose and is an Initiate of the The White Rose nd initiated into the White Rose Brotherhood. He is an apprentice to Camilla.

For more information about Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström, the workshop and special offer follow this link 

Welcome Sisters & Brothers of the New Earth! 

In Love ♥
Camilla & the White Rose