New Earth Rose Code Pilgrimage
- 13-19th of May - southern FRANCE -

When she is calling us – we can not not answer

We invite you to an intimate gathering and sacred pilgrimage deeper into the rebirth, mysteries, truths and Sacred Land of Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna, Yeshua, The Essenes and the Holy Cathars in Southern France. We are called here to receive and activate the codes and frequencies of the new Cosmic Universal Love Consciousness that is streaming forth from the Magdalene, to bring in the new light and anchor them into the New Earth template. Come and join us in Sacred France to seed the New Way and Essence into existence.

A Sacred Journey through Time and Memory

The New Earth Rose Code Pilgrimage, 13-19 May 2019 in Southern France

We have been called to this ancient place to assist Gaia in her rebirth. The old foundations and structures are collapsing and Mother Earth is purging and clearing of the old all around the world in different ways. A massive clearing and releasing of stuck patterns and old collective karma is now transmuted so that a NEW WAY can rise. A New way that will serve all of humanity opening their hearts and allowing the new light in, to embody the holy essence of the soul. After the release of the zero-point in Paris and other places of the world, new powerful energies and upgrades is pouring in, and we are here to assist and anchor them in ourselves and into the Earth.

During this sacred journey we will walk as love, bringing the keys and codes of the New Earth to the fore, opening the rememberings of the Way of the Rose and how Divine Love is anchored on the planet again. Joining this sacred journey will be a REBIRTH, an extraordinary experience in co-creation with all sacred sites, the ley lines, the ancient, the Rose Line, a re-building of the New Earth, in a remembering of the ancient wisdom of this holy land and all that the sacred sites are carrying, in Divine collaboration in Sacred France. It is connected to the time of Avalon (not that of King Arthur, but the third civilization), and sacred sites from its origin and we are here to activate those keys and codes from those ancient times. This is the Golden Age Rising.

During the journey we will visit and journey deeper into the ancient wisdom of the Cathars and their knights – ”the good men” – as protectors of the Path of Love. The Cathars were originally initiated and taught by Mary Magdalene herself, initiated into Christ Consciousness and kept her wisdom and sacred teachings during the centuries. The True story of the Cathars and their mission are now unfolding.

Now when everything is coming into alignment and truth, we are being called here to seed the new vision and essence into existence. The Sisterhood of the Rose and the Ancient Mothers of the World are guiding us deeper into our Hearts and the Wisdom of HER heart. We will plant the new seed for the New Rosegrid that is opening.

Our 7-day sacred journey will take us deeper into our sacred hearts and souls and we will be visiting sacred places and sites of profound healing and ceremony. We will be focusing on mountains, caves and waters – as they offer deeper and more profound sites for activations. We will receive initiations, wisdom and knowledge from the ancient goddess, the Cathars and the Magdalenes. We will visit some of the sacred caves that were key places for the initiations for the Cathars, Priests and Priestesses, the Essenes and the ancient Goddess sites that is now opening their wisdom, keys and codes.

We will visit, connect and merge with the Divine Mother and the birthplace of Anna, the Grandmother of Yeshua that was born by the Holy Mountain of Bugerach. SHE - the holy mountain is holding the gateway and portal for the new Light codes and is a stargate to all the Milky way and othwer galaxies. Bugerach is holding the frequency of the Sacred One Heart.

We will walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene and the Sisterhood of the Rose. We will walk in the footsteps of the Cathars, that is holding and protecting the holy Grail, and are ancient wisdomkeepers. We will visit some of the ancient initiation places as the Throne of Isis and Osiris, an ancient Isis temple, the place were Mary Magdalene gave her vows to god to fullfill her holy mission, highest initiation cave of the Cathars, the underworld 7-chamber journey to your own re-birth, and the Divine Mother gateway.

Come and join us in Sacred France to seed the New Way and Essence into existence. There are limited spaces as we are invited into an intimate gathering of priests, priestesses, wisdomkeepers, earthkeepers, gridworkers, starseeds, magdalenes and lovewarriers in the Sacred Land of France. You are being called to assist Gaia and humanity in this important times to awake, activate and anchor the new Magdalene-Christ Light Codes into the New Earth template.

If you are feeling the calling pm us for detailed information. We will be honored if you are joining this sacred journey.

Sign up by send an email to: or go to our website fb-site for more information.

Welcome Sisters & Brothers of the New Earth!


Retreat fee: € 1 777
The Retreat fee includes:
* 4 nights in shared rooms in Rennes le Chateau
* 2 nights in shared room in Ornolac
* breakfast, 4 dinners & 2 lunches
* local transports (rental cars)
* retreat fee
*guide in Cathar initiation caves
Not included:
* airfares
* airport transfer to/from Toulouse
* insurance,
* Other meals than mentioned above

Space is secured with a non-refundable € 444 deposit. Balance is due April 2019
Payment: you can pay with this paypal link:
or for Swedish participants BG 760-6411 or Swish 0706613334
Circle: Maximum 12 sisters and brothers
Sign Up:
The retreat will be held in English and Swedish.
After the deposit is processed you will receive further information detailing arrival/departing information, venue etc.

We start retreat at 6 pm May with an opening circle at our retreatcenter in Rennes le Chateau, and finish at 2 pm May in Ornolac. Toulouse airport is about 2 hours from our venues.
For more information please contact Camilla at: or +46-706-613334
TEAM: Camilla Åkerström with sisters & brothers of the White Rose, Sweden

In Love and Gratitude ♥
Sisters and brothers of the White Rose

The teachings of the White Rose has returned to earth and are part of the ancient teachings of the White Flame. The White Rose is a symbol of the White Flame and has the unique essence of Divine Union, the healed Divine Feminine and the healed Divine Masculine in union. It holds the Balance and Harmony, and it holds the codes for our eternal soul existence.