Longer Soul Journeys

In the depth of our soul, our womb/hara, our body and our heart, we find the purest love, the deepest passion and the softest humility. In contact with our deepest longing we know that we are here to give birth to the new world. This is a soul journey that prepares you to take your place in the world in a new powerful, authentic and loving way.

Soulful Man - 6 months

Soulful Man is a journey beyond constraints and false beliefs into the new age and the new love consciousness. You are a multidimensional divine man who is here to embody the holy masculine on earth again. Something that has not happened for many many years. The new feminine energy has risen and embodied in recent years. Now is the time for the masculine energy to rise. Now is the time for him to meet and unite with her.

Red Rose Woman - 3 months

Welcome to a feminine journey. An online training for all women who long to walk the path of love in deeper connection with your souls purpose. The new codes of the Divine Feminine are now coming down to Earth for us to embody, the New Template for the Divine Humans and the Unity Consciousness is now ready to be anchored on Earth. Held by the White Rose Circle and guided by the Sisterhood of the Rose we open up for a new way of living.