The Cosmic Rose OnLine Program

Dear Sister,

I welcome you into our temple, the Cosmic Rose Temple. The priestess path is a Path for the high inititate. A path for you that have come to explore how to selflessly serve from the depth of humility assisting others to awaken consciousness. You enter this path in deep gratitude, devotion and committment. The priestess is a sparkle of your soul. It is to embody your Inner Light and return to Your Divine Presence - as Goddess expressing from within, the highest aspect of you. 

The journey of the Cosmic Rose is a soulembodiment journey - through 7 initiations, 7 spirals and 7 gateways - there are 6 gateways we journey through within our online program and the final during our initiation retreat in September 2020. Theese initiations are highly transforming spiritual initiations for ascending consciousness. 

the online program

* Zoom-meetings opening every new gateway and spiral - Meetings in Presence
* Video/Audio of the spirals theme and practices
* Transmissions and Activations 
* Revocations
* Affirmations
* Guided audio meditations
* Silent meditations
* Practice of movement (yoga, dance, breathwork, pranayama practices) designed to support and deepen the embodiment
* Integration
* Walking as Divine Feminine in the world
* Sacred Sister Circle to share your process with support from Camilla and your sisters

Every new gateway you will receive information of the coming spirals training presented through video/audio. Every spiral starts with an activation/transmission. The practice during the spiral is guided meditations and movements to support and deepen your embodiment. The whole practice will take aprox 1-1,5 hours, and you choose how often you want to do it during the week. The more often you do the practice the deeper your process will take you, and you will get more benefits of the course. The course is designed in a spiral way, not a linear way.

You can listen and re-listen to all activations and guided meditations during the spiral and after the program.

We open every new spiral and journey through the gateway together in an online zoom meeting - Meeting in Presence. For those sisters that can not attend there will be a replay. 

Transmissions take place every Thursday at 9 pm, Stockholm, Sweden UTC+1. These are sessions of energy, frequency and light codes transmissions and activations purposed to assist your souls evolution and growth. The activations/transmissions are encoded with the codes and frequencies for all time and are effective whenever you receive it. So if you can not make the set time, don’t worry, just do it when it feels right for you.

There are three guided audio meditations included in this course to assist your integration of the transmission/activation and the themes of every week.

There are guided movement exercises included in this course to deepen your souls embodiment and the themes of every spiral.

Every spiral you get a set of affirmations that will help you re-program your thought structure and charge your energy field. To empower you more it will be helpful for you to record the affirmations with your own voice and repeat them to yourself.

You will receive bonus meditations/transmissions - from the Teachings of the White Rose - as bonus when you sign up to the ”the Path of the Priestess” course to help you deepen into your souls embodiment, your souls mission and your greatest light.