Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström

Activations from the teachings of the White Rose - Special Offer $97

Dear Friends, sisters & brothers,
As many of you know that the year of 2019 is about initiation and soulembodiment. We are here in this time of the New Earth to embody our soul on earth fully this has not been done for over 2000 years. Our soul is a living essence. A part of Beloved Mother Father God and One Unified Heart.


Our soul is holding our deepest desires, our deepest longing and also our fragmented parts that has forgotten they are love. Our Creator created us in Love, and as Love and also with free will. With our free will we experience ourselves as humans, and it is our choice how we will experience our life.
It is my joy to offer you a “taste” of the teachings of the White Rose. The White Rose is a path of love and truth. The journey through the White Rose is a deep initiation and soulembodiment journey for you to walk through your fire, raise through the ashes, and re-birth your true self. It´s a journey of empowerment of your womb/hara, heart and soul, a journey for you to reveal the reality in truth and deep love, expanded in a deep soul understanding of Life of the Universe. It´s a journey in raising your frequency and embody Unity Christ Consciousness. It´s a journey to heal and merge your divine feminine and sacred masculine within. It´s a journey to embody Divine Love and to remember who you are. The journey of the White Rose leaves no stone unturned.


Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström offer a package of 7 activations/transmissions for your soulembodiment
of the New Earth in this New Time. 
Activations from the teachings of the White Rose - Special Offer $97
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About Camilla

Camilla is a priestess, starseed, wayshower, earthkeeper, gridworker, gatekeeper, visionary, soulguide, wombwoman, co-creator of the New Earth, playful sister and Mother on her journey in life. She walks the Path of Love and has her roots within “the Ancient Lineage of Mothers of the World”.
Camilla is a carrier of the White Flame within her soul, a conduit for the New Love Consciousness and New Earth energies to anchor on earth. She is devoted to anchor Divine Love on the Planet and to anchor the new teachings of the White Rose to assist humanity and Gaia through these times of great change.

Camilla is a part of the White Rose and offer sessions, retreats, programs and on-line training to embody your feminine and masculine soul on earth and remember you are Divine, and she brings people on Sacred Journeys around the world to re-activate keys and codes within people and to help Gaia to anchor the new light codes on earth. She also offers doula service, Soulful Pregnancy programs & Sacred Birth in the White Rose Temple, all to assist the New Children that now is being born. She is also one of the founders of the White Rose Center in the North.

Camilla sees all this work as the gifts that we gave our selves when we volunteered to pave the way for the New Children.
Welcome sisters and brothers to walk, talk, weave and dance with Camilla and the White Rose!


You meet Camilla here.
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Welcome to read more about Camill and here work below.

a safe space and a life changing journey

If you want to embody your soul deeper on earth, raise your frequency, deepen into love and open to your unique soulgifts this is an offer for you.
Camilla offer a package of 6 activations/transmissions for your soulembodiment of the New Earth in this New Time. This is a journey you really can say is life changing You will experience and receive activations, transmissions and meditations to embody your soul on earth, to clear and release the old, to let go, to close old timelines and to re-birth yourself into a deeper embodiment of divine love, connect you deeper to the Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light, to step up upon your ascension path of the New Earth.

The New Earth is born/birthed from within every man and woman, and Camilla help men and women to bring it forth into their everyday living and co-create new reality. She holds a safe space where people dare to go to places they haven’t gone to before, to turn on every stone, look in every corner, to heal deep trauma, to close old timelines and to reclaim every part of your pure soul.

It is about ascension and also about descension - down to earth, to anchor your soul on earth, to activate your energy bodies and working through every cell, to re-code, to re-wire, to calibrate, to clear all density, all false beliefs, to de-program all your old systems and way of living, so that you can receive and hold all the new frequencies, the new light codes that now is pouring down on earth, to co-create a new reality of love, humility and truth. To merge into your pure living soul on every level in your life, so the fundament in your life is coming from joy, pure passion, ease, grace and deep love. To come back to the remembering and our inner trust so we can release ourself to the light of Divine Presence. To come home to the awakened realization that we are already our Greater Self.

Welcome to Camilla´s offer of 7 activations
to embody your pure feminine and masculine soul deeper on earth

Offer Now 97 USD  - You Save 100 usd (each activation/meditation worth 33 usd)
We continue to clear, purge and cleanse all old to understand the fullness of humanity. We have done a long and dirty journey, to really lift every stone, and now is the time to embrace all that arises to know ourselves as LOVE and to shift the karma of humanity, both personal and collective. We all have gone through this journey in many different ways, and for some there is still some more work to be done.
Many of the sisters and brothers walking the Path of Love have had a lot of challenging journeys and tested to the core. It has all been needed to learn all lessons of and in love, to a deeper embodiment of love. Many still carry memories and traumas in their bodies from the falls of Avalon, Lemuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt, suppression of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. Through many timelines women and children has been persecuted, raped, tortured, burned and mutilated for their wisdom, love and power. Now in this time everything is raising for us to heal, embrace, forgive and let go.

Most people have experiences as both victim and persecutor. Holding on to these wounding makes us stay in lower vibrations. It is now time to let go. From this place we can open to the higher frequency and remebrance of ancient teachings and wisdom as we now anchor the New Earth in this New Time. The energies of God and Goddess has returned to our sacred earth and we are here to step up and open to who we really are, open to our original divine blueprint and deepen our service to Beloved Gaia and Humanity.

Package includes 6 activations/meditations/transmissions to help you embody your feminine and masculine soul on earth.
All activation/transmission and meditations come as an audiofile that guides you through in your own time and space. The activation and transmissions is encoded with the codes and frequences for all time and are effective whenever you receive it

Welcome sisters and brothers of the light!
In Love and gratitude <3

  1. Clearing Rainbow Meditation

A powerful meditation for you to clear and cleanse your whole energy field, activate all gland meridians in your body with photonic green light and fill your body with Rainbow energy. In this meditation you connect deeper with your sacred heart, your womb/hara, your body and your soul. You clear your energetic field and bring the history, the future and the now into this NOW moment where you can co-create your own reality of love. You clear and release everything you thought you were so you can birth your true self.  You synchronize our heart, your womb/hara and your soul into the pulse of the universe and the Womb of the Mother. From this place of Oneness you can curious start to investigate yourself, take new steps, choose new.

2. Activation of Amygdala

In this Activation you will activate, clear and open your Amygdala in your brain. The heart is called the ‘King’ of the organs. The Amygdala is called “the Heart Chakra of the Brain”. The Amygdala is located in your brain, and “holds” the fight-and-flight” responses, open energy circles created by trauma as well as the most ecstatic and blissful feelings. The activation of the Amygdala is about facing the full presence of the light and dark within self, the Collective and Creation.
The Amygdala is wat will determine our identity. The amygdala starts forming direct after the heart´s first beat. It stores all of our life in the womb of our mother, together with the placenta and the water. It stores all joy and flows of life and also the terror of losing them. And the amygdala also stores the life of your mother, her depressions, her fears, her life. All this accumulate into the amygdala till our age of three. This means that all this time we have lived, our life has been recorded for us in the amygdala.
After the age of three the hippocampus matures in us. It is in the hippocampus that all our conscious memories are stored, and it is them we have access to. When there are memories in the amygdala of fear, sadness and low life-energy, the amygdala closes down, and we get no access to the memories and the life we lived that is stored in the amygdala.
That means that the memories that is stored into the amygdala is the invisible conditioning of all our actions, the blind spots of our lives, the origin of all our terrors, the unknown reason why we do what we done even when we do not know why we do it. This is also one of the reason why there is karma, and why we speak of previous lives, and we create and that our bodies are paralyzed with fear and inaction.
The conditioning of the amygdala can be removed by activating, healing and open the amygdala, to remove everything that is not yours to carry and re-twine all experiences into truth and love, into its original innocence and essence. We will open the fourth spiral by an energy transmission for activation and opening the amygdala so the deep stored memories and emotions within your amygdala can arise for release and healing.

3a) Sacred Hara Meditation (for men)

The embodiment of the essence of a man´s soul happens by opening up the holy heart of man, his hara and lingam, and uniting them within the man´s soul. The masculine essence of the new earth is embodied by first coming "down to earth", home and into his body, opening and expanding his holy heart, opening and activating his masculine power center - his hara and to heal his extended heart - his lingam.

Today many men live from a non-true masculine essence, they have lost contact with their deepest longing, living separated from their soul and from Father God. The embodiment of the sacred masculine is a souljourney through forgotten and hidden places and false beliefs, through deep wounds, illusions and fragmented soulparts. It is a journey into love, intimacy and presence, a journey home to your "pure soul" to love, to "remembering", to purity, to trust, to surrender, to truth and into your true power. A journey into the body of your inner sovereign King.

The Sacred Hara Activation guides you into your masculine soul, and help you land deeper into your body where you can begin to open up to the new masculine codes that are now coming down to Earth, to open for the Christed white light and let it breathe through you. In this meditation you will explore your Hara, your masculine center of power. The journey home is through your body and all the feelings you have been accumulated there for so long.
Inside the man's Hara, all emotional experiences, as well as experiences of the feminine, of women and all his intimate relationships are stored. There is also stored imprints of man's own sexuality, his feelings towards his own sexuality, his lingam and how comfortable he is being man, in his masculine essence. In Hara all "truths" exist and in the head all "falsehoods" about what the masculine  essence is, what sexuality  is and how it is expressed in his life.  In Hara all the patterns and wounds inherited from man's bloodline, his own soul wounds and all that he has carried in this life, his inner young, wounded boys and his shadow, resides. Often, we early already balanced, from the time inside our mothers womb. So when man returns to his own source of  power,  his source of life, his  immense power, that's what's coming up. It is beyond all these wounds and  blockages, deep inside the man's Hara, where all his soul gifts are present, his unique blueprint. Here he also finds his soulpurpose, the contract he signed for the mission he has on Earth right now
When you open your Hara and start navigating from this place you will open up for more love, freedom and the desire of your soul. Starting (or continuing) walking the Path of Love, begins a pilgrimage, a sacred journey towards truth, love and unity. It´s a spiral journey that goes deeper and deeper until all the protection veils and defenses have disappeared. Then man´s original innocence, passion and power, which is held in his hara is reborn and returned to its original essence.  
In the depths of your soul, your hara, your body and your heart you will find the purest love, the deepest passion and the true masculine power. In contact with your deepest longing, you know that you are here to together "give birth to" the new world. You know you're here for something "bigger" beyond your control.

3b) Sacred Womb Meditation (for women)

"When a woman is embodying her womb and heart and feel her free flow of love, power and wisdom coming from her soul, her life begins to change, both her outer and her inner life change. She softens, she opens, she blossoms, she surrenders, she deepens. She becomes more alive. She radiates a natural sensuality, a joyful innocence and a divine presence of grace. She walks, moves and speaks differently as she becomes more aligned with the magical dance of life and Source. She becomes her inner Queen. From her "Queenspace" she knows that all the gifts from her womb, heart and soul is freely given whenever and wherever it is needed, it can only be given in surrender, acceptance, humility and trust" 

 “Sacred Womb” is a meditation for women that guides you into the deepest mystery, your feminine core, your womb. This meditation will help you to open, activate and re-establish a deep and intimate relationship with your sacred womb. A woman store repressed emotions and feelings, deep wounding, fear, repressed anger, grief, shame and guilt in her womb. Let all feelings and emotions arise, hold them, embrace them and release them. All these repressed feelings are blocking her true feminine soul to anchor on earth, it is holding her separated from her self, from Gaia, from God, from Love and from Life.
A woman is reviving her true feminine energy through her womb so that she can once again transform all separation from wholeness. When you open your womb you will open to the feelings and all rememberance of a fully embodied woman, a woman that connect her womb with the wombs of the world and through the Cosmic Womb takes in and embrace all of humanity and Gaia, holds and transmutes the suffering of humanity through the womb, she who becomes All, she who embraces All. The womb acts as a strong foundation for the heart and soul far beyond anything else. Inside our womb, our source of life is the source of creation. Deep and strong primordial energies, forces to create the world, feelings that gives birth, the longing that creates and form our lives and all the experiences that come with it. The womb is the seat of our soulgifts and codes of creation. A woman in deep connection with her wombheart is embodying her true source of being. Through her womb she is connected to the womb of Gaia and the Cosmic womb. The embodiment of a womans womb helps her to re-claim her inner source of power and the wisdom of her soul.

  1. Soulempowerment Transmission – Open to memory from Atlantis and Connect to the Brotherhood of the Light

Welcome to receive this transmission of opening the memories from Atlantis and be initiated into the brotherhood of the Light. The Great White Brotherhood is a Spiritual Circle of those Ascended Masters who have Arisen from our Earth into Immortality, and who will stay and assist Gaia and humanity on earth. The Great White Brotherhood, also known as The Brotherhood of the Light, or The Sisterhood of the Light, is a Spiritual Order of Hierarchy and an organization of Ascended Masters, Angels, and Cosmic Beings united for the highest Service to God in all of Life. The Brotherhood of the Light are all united for the highest purposes of the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.

The Brotherhood of the Light or The Great White Brotherhood is also known as the Brotherhood of the Roses. The Brotherhood of the Light were always protecting the Sisterhood of the Rose and their ancient wisdom. They were always there and they have kept and protected the sisters during all this time. Many brothers in different timelines have given their lives to protect the sisters and their wisdom and in many timelines as Templars and Cathars, were also persecuted, tortured and killed.
In the first era of Atlantis humanity lived in balance and harmony with earth and their many starsisters and starbrothers. This was a time of light and all humanity lived in a higher consciousness. The Golden Period of Atlantis was the highest level of Light Consciousness ever achieved on the Earth Plane in any advanced civilization. The Brotherhood of the Light held the light in this time and held advanced technology in their crystal temples. The destruction of Atlantis – the Fall – was a traumatic event for those involved. The Fall led to the downshift into lower frequencies and the dense 3D Matrix we have experienced on earth.
This activation is to open up for the memory of Atlantis, both for cleansing and healing of trauma, chock, guilt and fear from the Fall, and also to empower your soul with the remembrance of the higher consciousness of the Golden Age. If you were part of this group you can also reawaken skills, soul gifts, abilities and resources that were developed during this time and you carry in your soul. Many peoples, that was part of the Fall, souls got very traumatized from this time and need to release this memory bank in order to fully embody and step into their highest soul purpose, mission and power in this lifetime.

5. Soulempowerment - Activation of the Pink Rose Flame of unconditional love and Connect to the Sisterhood of the Rose

Welcome to receive this activation of the Pink Rose Flame of unconditional love. The Pink Rose energies is now coming with unconditional love and humility down to earth more intense, for us to embody.
The Sisterhood was formed during the time of Lemuria. They all carried the threefold flame in their heart; the flame of love, power and wisdom. During eons of time, they had to hide this flame and the ancient wisdom they were carrying. This rose line holds the codes for the New Earth and the new love consciousness. The Sisterhood of the Rose; White Buffalo Calf Woman, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Ying, Lady Portia, Lady Isis, Lady Venus Kumara, Lady Hathor, Lady Nada, Lady Sarah, Lady Freya, Lady Ashtar, they all light the way to love and soul love, so we can love ourselves and others deeper and more soulfully.
The pink rose energy - Pink Rose - is an aspect of the divine feminine of each human, in men and women. The Pink Rose carries the qualities of unconditional love, humility and acceptance. Pink Rose is a powerful frequency of divine love, of unconditional love. The Goddess symbol is the Rose.
The Feminine principle has been suppressed throughout the human history by female sexual energy control and manipulation, and the key to liberate the feminine is for women and men to allow themselves to activate  this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love within their hearts ~ and the healing too, of their lower bodies, so that they may experience their full magnificence and Light, so they may embrace their pain and anger, their guilt and their shame, and their perceived separation, as the lower bodies are purged. The Sisterhood of the Rose took this beautiful Pink Flame of Divine Love out in the four directions of the earth to assist Mother Earth and all her Life.
This activation will help you open up your heart even deeper for Divine love, humility, acceptance and the purest most innocent love. You will open up for a higher vibration of love, wisdom and truth. It is through deeper Humility which illuminates the way to Divine Love. During this activation you will receive codes and wisdom that you have long forgotten. You can get help opening up to deeper surrender and trust. You will open up to receive energies and frequencies from the Pink Temple of unconditional love. We step together into the pink crystal temple and into a pure love consciousness. This activation is overseen and held by the Sisterhood of the Rose.

6. Soulempowerment Transmission – Returning to your Divine Presence.

Welcome to the last transmission of the “taster” of the White Rose teachings and energy. In this transmission you will do an inner journey to come back to your I am Presence, your Higher Self and your remembering of who you are. This transmission will help you to be bold and in courage step up and step into your true Self and your mission here on earth. In this transmission you are releasing yourself to the Divine and to Divine Love. You are releasing yourself to the light of Divine Presence. Your soul understanding brings you home to the awakened realization that you are your Greater Self. It is a journey back to Source and your re-union with One Unified Heart. Your Divine Presence is the highest aspect of your multidimensional Self, and the original seed of love. You will return to your original innocence and blueprint as Divine Human. What does it mean to you to walk in this world with your full potential and Divine Presence?

Free Gift - Zero-Point Transmission

Welcome sisters and brothers to this Zero-Point Transmission in the time where the planet is shifting into 5th Dimension as all the old timelines dissolves, and new higher opens. It is here in this zero-zone where the physical and spiritual meet, unite and merge into one. In this zero-point - in this NOW moment - you can let go of all old karma, false beliefs, programming, masks, ancestral wounding, identities etc. The universe is calling for authenticity, and now is the moment you can choose to step up.

In this transmission we will co-create a big energy field of love together with starseeds all around the world. We will journey to the Great Central Sun and the Galactic center and step into the Crystal Stargate and tapping into ancient teachings, ancient wisdom and knowledge together. We activate our Starseed DNA and deepen our embodiment of our Soul through the higher timelines of Divine Love. The transmission is overseen by Mother Father God, White Rose Council & Sisterhood of the Rose.

RECIEVE the package of 7 activations/transmissions

Camilla Ma Ra Åkerström offer this package of 7 activations/transmissions for your soulembodiment of the New Earth in this New Time. Activations from the teachings of the White Rose - Special Offer $97

More about Camilla

Camilla is a soul that volunteered together with many others and now has returned after an absence of many hundreds of years to earth, to bring forth the light keys and codes for the New Human and the New Earth to the fore. She has often incarnated in times of big shifts, and in times for new civilizations to build, as the time NOW. She is working with the White Flame, the Flame of purity and innocence, and are here to anchor Divine Love on earth, to help heal and release the deep wounding of the feminine and masculine to come into union, to re-activate the Northern Crystal Temples and portals in the ancient land of the Thousand Suns and bring forth those ancient teachings, keys and codes from the origin, the White Rose.
One of the reasons Camilla choose to incarnate in this time when the Goddess has fully returned is to help heal and release the deepest wounds of the collective feminine and Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary is assisting in this process together with all the sisters in the Sisterhood of the Rose. That is also of course Camillas own journey as a woman.
Camilla is also here gathering O´hana (spiritual family) and open different spaces for people to come home to their souls. She is known for her abilities to hold and co-create a vast, pure and sacred space where women and men can embody their feminine and masculine soul on earth. In the sacred space she holds with her womb, connected with the wombs of the world and the ascended realms, as a conduit of the energies of the Divine Mother, she can help people to heal, to re-activate the new light codes and frequencies inside of them and to help them anchor them deeper into their bodies, clear, heal and release old wounding and dense energies to embody their soul. Camilla is not seeing herself as a healer but simply as the conduit that the love frequencies from Source/Divine/Love/God can run through so that healing can occur.
The New Earth is born/birthed from within every man and woman, and Camilla help men and women to bring it forth into their everyday living and co-create new reality. She holds a safe space where people dare to go to places they haven’t gone to before, to turn on every stone, look in every corner, to heal deep trauma, to close old timelines and to reclaim every part of your pure soul. Together with many helpers and illumined beings she transits the energies from Sisterhood of the Rose and Brotherhood of the Light to open gateways and portals for people to journey through to receive the new energies of love and unity to merge into their higher selves, to deepen their service work and to live as the multidimensional love beings they are.
It is about ascension and also about descension - down to earth, to anchor your soul on earth, to activate your energy bodies and working through every cell, to re-code, to re-wire, to calibrate, to clear all density, all false beliefs, to de-program all your old systems and way of living, so that you can receive and hold all the new frequencies, the new light codes that now is pouring down on earth, to co-create a new reality of love, humility and truth. To merge into your pure living soul on every level in your life, so the fundament in your life is coming from joy, pure passion, ease, grace and deep love.
Camilla is also here to anchor and spread the knowledge and wisdom of the New Children, the ones we signed up to pave the way for. The White Rose is bringing forth new wisdom and teachings to help all new souls – the New Children - to be born, they are here to assist in this transition into the new way – the transition to a Soulful Pregnancy and Sacred Birth and help and support the families, the women and men on their journey into a Sacred Motherhood and Sacred Fatherhood.
Camilla and the White Rose also takes people to many sacred sites to re-activate keys and codes within themselves and to help Gaia to anchor the new light codes on earth. You can join her in: Walk in the Footsteps of Mary Magdalene, Southern France, The Divine Mother and the hidden truth of Mother Mary, Turkey, Initiation into Infinite Wisdom – Swim with Humpback whales in Tonga/Ancient Lemuria, Northern Light, Orcas, Dragons & The Ancient Land of the Thousand Suns, Northern Norway or to visit the Crystal Temple of the North, the White Star, the Magdalena Fjord & the White Bear Kingdom, Svalbard.
All this work is unfolding in divine timing and she dance and weave with her sisters and brothers in the White Rose, walking the Path of Love, all here to anchor the White Rose teachings in the North in unity and community. Soulsisters and Soulbrothers that has been walking together in many lifetimes, all devoted to anchor Divine Love on the Planet, and to bring forth the wisdom, keys and codes for the New Earth, in unity and community.
Camilla is now ready to fully step into her highest soul purpose, mission and power in this lifetime. She is still an apprentice of truth and Love, walking step by step on her own life´s souljourney. She is ready to deepen her service work and sharing her gifts with the world, in a pure and humble way. I bow to you sisters and brothers that now are stepping in and stepping up in this important work. Let us dance, weave and work together, in love, passion and compassion.

Others say about Camilla

To me it has been the greatest gift to sit in Camillas space and to have her as a teacher. <3 She has been by my side and my guide through my some of the deepest and most important moments of healing and transition. As a man to have a woman as a teacher and guide is the most beautiful experience. Camilla embodies the energy of The Divine Mother. <3 To do my journey in her space, to open and journey through the deepest parts of me. Camilla is the most incredible space holder i have experienced in my life. Her space is Love, it is truth. In her space i want to open everything, my shadow, my light, my sexuality, my shame, my guilt, my anger, and all the parts of me i have spent my life running away from. She has been by my side when i have opened my deepest hurt and wounds, but also when i have embraced my soul, higher self and my light. She holds everything in Love, her space and work has been the most profound healing and teachings i have ever experienced. To embrace everything so we can hold everything in Love. To me Camilla is the embodiment of that. The divine feminine that holds all of creation in Love. <3 This work is really about sovereignty, to really come home to God and your purpose. <3 I can’t recommend this more. If you feel a resonance and attraction to come and sit in her space, do it and feel for yourself”. - Adrian Brorman

Camilla Akerstrom is my beloved sister and teacher on the path of Love. For me she is the Mother of all Mothers. She is true to her soul and beloved Mother Father God and 100% dedicated to fulfill her souls mission on earth. An embodied divine woman choosing, walking, breathing, acting love no matter what. As a mother, as a teacher, as a human and multidimensional being and as a sister. In her space everything that is not love shows itself, to be seen and healed. She holds space of unconditional love, in grace, acceptance, humor and total harmony. She has taught and showed me more self love, to embrace and accept hidden parts of me, trust, to embody more and more love and to live and come closer to my souls and my passion. I am for always grateful for all that she has given me of unconditional love. – Linda Eriksson

To have Camilla Åkerström as a teacher  on my souljourney has enabled to open up those parts of feelings and thoughts that I felt ashamed of and didn´t like within myself and been treated with the most genuine, softest love and embrace I´ve ever felt. I have met many teachers in my life and never really felt safe with anyone before Camilla because. It´s so essential to me that a teacher is able to give pure, not wanting anything or to be someone or has a need of acknowledgement. There are not enough words in me to describe the enormous gratitude and confidence I feel with having Camilla as my teacher. She has helped me to journey to many places inside of me I never dared to go to myself, Mirrorred me with loving and direct truth when I created my own illusions and embraced me with her humility and loving heart. My strong confidence in Camilla is because I know and feel deep inside of me that she doesn´t speak what I want to hear but what is best needed for my souljourney. Camilla really wants me to shine and stand in my Light and supports me all that she can to do so, she wants me and everyone else to shine our love to the World. She gives me the opportunity to do my journey and also to make mistakes so I can learn and embody a little bit more. – Birgitta Franzen

Journeying with Camilla is amazing. She is like the Great Mother who holds me and everything and everyone in her womb. She is a multidimensional being that embodies this more than anyone else I have met. How she can see everything and everyone in love, to see me and the world in love is such a gift and I marvel every time she can let the most destructive energies, the most difficult spaces become the brightest, vibrant and loving space. I have never been in such a clean space that she holds. For me, everything that I have experienced, everything that I have with me in this life and others has come to the surface, has been seen and embraced in her total love. She has shown me how I love myself. How I can be in a relationship with my partner that is something different than what I thought was a relationship. She has shown us how a total honor of each other can open up to the softest vulnerability between us, so that we have dared to show ourselves to each other and begin our walk to a sacred union. Camilla shows me how to reconnect to my highest self and my soul. Only through her being but also through the activations and transmissons. To get home to my soul family again and remember why I am here and why I have chosen to come right now this time to earth. Camilla is the Lady of the White Rose in form.
She has also given me and my partner the greatest gift ever, in addition to helping us come together in our relationship, she has helped us both through our pregnancy with our son Johannes and also his birth. Without her, I had not given birth to him in the White Rose Temple, which was my highest wish. She helped me when my contractions stopped, to understand that I was scared and could help me get them started and flow again. I am eternally grateful to her for it” - Elli Zaar

The activations with Camilla are pure love and magical! I feel that in her words lies the Divine codes and Light embedded and this reaches out into my body, cells and soul. I feel the work in my energy body, my womb heart, yes all around me. There is something happening inside of me feeling like I am unlocking, several layers of me and are filled with Divine Light. After an activation my space feels so clean, my body is vibrating, often the activation continues during the night, something happening in my energy body and body. The space is so safe with all the helpers and always overlighted by Mother Father God. They are so deep, many times its impossible for me to be in my normal state, I dissolve and go somewhere else, awake and hear everything from a distance. All of Camillas work is with such a deep respect, honor, and humility towards all life, towards Mother Earth, towards ourselves and each other.” – Birgitta Franzen.